Thirty years ago, after graduating from Arizona State University Law School, I stepped into my first courtroom as a public defender. For me, it was an awe-inspiring moment of my career. 


And it was, and still is, the most challenging job I have ever had. 


My job was to defend those who had no means to defend themselves because we are all guaranteed a defense under the law.  As a public defender, I wanted to safeguard the law and ensure it was applied fairly and equitably for all, regardless of the circumstances. 


And throughout the last thirty years as a public defender and defense attorney, I have continued to live by this principle. 


That’s why as your next Maricopa County Attorney, I will use each day to find better ways to protect our communities, vigorously prosecute violent crime and fight for the rights of victims every day. 


Working with our law enforcement partners, we will ensure that every part of the justice system serves the needs and best interests of our victims and the law. 


I will put an end to wasteful spending, the cycle of scandal and expensive mass incarceration policies. I promise to serve every single day to safeguard our justice system from petty politics. The people of Maricopa County have had enough of those who would use the law to serve themselves.  


Let’s face it, creating change isn’t going to be easy. And we can’t do any of this without YOU. 


So, we are asking you to join our campaign today and be part of building a new Maricopa County.  Together, we will build a justice system that truly serves the people; not just the powerful. 


Bob McWhirter

McWhirter for Maricopa 


812 N 2nd Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85003 | p: 602.888.3075 | e: info@mcwhirter4mca.com

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